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Taking Comedy Seriously Since 2009.

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Joking Envelope is a production company committed to high-quality intelligent comedy. No matter what the company is working on--presenting live theater, producing independent film, securing rights for original plays or writing new work for museums, schools and corporations--we vow to take comedy seriously.


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I believe it was the French who once said,
"Having a funny in your life is very serious, oui?"

And we here at Joking Envelope couldn't agree more. We believe three simple absolute truths about comedy.

Number One: Comedy is fun. You shouldn�t take it too seriously.

Number Two: Comedy is a deadly serious art form. It exists to ignite impassioned intellectual responses and provoke the cathartic emotional release commonly known as laughter.

Number Three: There is no reason comedy can't be both at the same time.

Whoever you are—young or old, tall or short, luminous or crepuscular, French or Not French, Number Ones or Number Twos—comedy offers something for everyone. Step into the joking envelope and see what kind of ideas make you laugh today.

Comically sincere,
Joseph Scrimshaw, Creative Director



SpookySpookyScaryScary is Joking Envelope's first film!

Also visit the Plays page to browse a selection of original comic plays now available for purchase as PDFs!