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Joking Envelope produces comedic features and shorts for submission at festivals and retail sale. SpookySpookyScaryScary, co-produced with Moontalk Productions, has been screened at CONvergence sci-fi/fantasy convention in Bloomington, Minnesota as well as the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival in Portland, Oregon and is now available for purchase on DVD. More projects are currently in the development phase.



Now available on DVD!

SpookySpookyScaryScary is the episodic tale of Chuck and Dexter—best friends, roommates and huge fans of horror author HP Lovecraft.* But when the Great God Cthulhu sends Chuck a dream, the duo form the world's worst cult ever. Armed only with the power of the internet, cheap beer, small daggers, and poor social skills they vow to spread the bad word that Cthulhu is real. A brutally sharp tale of obsession, fantasy and the comic horror of reality.

*No actual knowledge of the works of HP Lovecraft is necessary to enjoy the film!

Please enjoy the trailer!

Visit Chuck and Dexter's old school website for a longer preview.


Enjoy these previous films made in conjunction with Forbidden Donut Productions!

Arkham Roadshow

Written by Joseph Scrimshaw, this popular short imagines the horror of the PBS program Antiques Roadshow filming in H.P. Lovecraft's fictitious witch-haunted town of Arkham.

NA Trading and Technology commercials

A series of shocking and entertaining web commercials starring Mr. Scrimshaw, Mr. Uren, a cougar and a whole family of bears. All animals in the commercials are real. Some actors were mildly hurt in the making of these commercials.